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We don't grow numbers; we grow communities

ELYSIAN develops and delivers multimedia communication strategies that help B2B and B2C brands working in Africa’s cultural and creative industries define who they are, communicate their identity and its essence to their audience, and utilize traditional and modern media to amplify their brand and their work.
We integrate our clients deepest desires and their brand vision to create communications that reflect their values, and use research-centered strategies to help them connect with audiences who see and understand the value of their work and are enthusiastic about supporting it.
This results in brand awareness and visibility, public engagement, media recognition, and a growing customer base.

Your success is our vision...

We believe that creatives across the continent deserve fair compensation for their work...that the arts are not a side hustle; they are the hustle.
The ELYSIAN vision is to contribute to the growth of Africa’s creative economy by developing and distributing multimedia communications that simplify business education, thus ensuring that creatives can identify and leverage solutions around them.
By supporting brands that work in Africa’s creative and cultural industries, we contribute to the foundation of a thriving African creative economy and thriving African creatives whose livelihoods are sustained by their creative works...

Multimedia communications is our expertise

ELYSIAN is home to versatile communication tools, namely ELYSIAN Magazine, the ELYSIAN Podcast, ELYSIAN Events, and the African Arts Safari. These are patronised by audiences from African countries such as Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, as well as from European countries, including the United Kingdom and Canada.

Our work is a product of collaborative efforts that are founded on and guided by creativity. We work with and have built a diverse and gifted network of Africa’s leading creative professionals and experts who offer a cumulative experience of over fifty years spread across multiple fields in the cultural and creative industries.

Given the brilliant track record of our network, we guarantee that a working relationship with us will get your brand attention in as little as a week and results in less than three months.

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